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You're in the right place if you landed here!

That's for me to be your trainer, and for you to get in the best shape of your life.

I train both women and men of all ages!

What seperates me from other Personal Trainers? I teach and educate my clients on every aspect of fitness, nutrition, and health so they'll have a stronger sEnse of purpose to all their workout session and will know how to get in shape daily.

Click through the pictures below of some of my HIIT Camp sessions!


Join a  HIIT CAMP group in one of my two AtLANTA, GA LOCATIONS!

Afternoon HIIT Camp Schedule: Tue/Thurs 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Trammell Crow Park, Atlanta GA

Morning HIIT Camp Schedule: Mon/Wed 5:30amish to 6:30amish
Austell, GA

Morning HIIT Camp Schedule: Tue/Thurs 6:00am - 7:00am
Coan Park Atlanta, GA


Price dependent upon number of persons interested. Email me if interested in Joining EVENING HIIT Camp: PT@hangtightwmarc.com or visit the contact page today!

Please consult your doctor before coming to HIIT Camp. You workout at your own risk and HangTight with MarC Personal Training is not liable for any injuries.

2016 Nutrition Plans

 Contact me today to turn your eating habits around in just 12 weeks and you'll be able to see and feel results! 


Weekly phone or physical conversations, nutrition lessons, weekly checkins, and before & after pictures and measurements! No diet pills required. Simply knowledge of what to eat and When! I help you with all those confusing questions.

Contact me today at  PT@hangtightwmarc.com or visit the contact page today!

1 Hour Saturday HIIT Camp

Location: Coan Park 1530 Woodbine Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30317

Current Schedule:

September 10  (FREE Vinyasa Yoga and Breakfast (pay your own way)! Our next meet up!)

I hope you're ready for our Next Atlanta Meet Up! We'll meet Saturday September 10, 2016 at 7:00am for a FREE 30 minute yoga session at Coan Park under the Pavilion, led by myself, along with a meet and greet breakfast event afterwards, (pay your own way). Breakfast will following immediately following yoga at @homegrownga. Please come out to meet me and get your health and fitness questions answered. Start planning for it now.. don't miss it!

                            No Bootcamp THIS SATURDAY, September 3, 2016                             Every Saturday, DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE, always reference this website!

                            No Bootcamp THIS SATURDAY, September 3, 2016                             Every Saturday, DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE, always reference this website!

Meeting Location Inside Park: Turn into the park across from Martin Luther King Jr Middle School. Near the baseball field under the pavilion picnic tables. (refer to the pictures below) If there isn't enough parking by the baseball field parking on the street is free.

What to Bring: Water, a Mat, Towel

Use the restroom before you come!

Follow the directions above and look for these two "areas at the park".

 The Park


*This is a great opportunity for those to experience my personal training style & personality, if you're interested in me being your trainer in the future!!